Is your home is one of those vintage homes with detailed brickwork in beautiful patterns? Do you just need an additional brick chimney freshly built from the ground up? Masonry Plus is the go-to brickwork company. With qualified bricklayers who have been in the industry for years, you are assured of professional brick repair.

While bricks are made to last a lifetime, as with anything else, they wear and tear over time. This is especially true when you leave them too long without proper care. The good news is that you do not have to wait and repair the whole structure. Before your brickwork comes crumbling down, you have the option of calling us to do the repairs. Often repairs are at cheaper costs than replacement.

If you are like us, the last thing you want is water seeping into your house through worn brickwork joints. And because the combination of wear and tear will eventually lead to joint voids between the brickworks, professionals like us understand the remedy.

Brick pointing will leave your brickwork looking pristine and prevent frost damage. Repointing brick also prevents the deposition of salt in crevices between the brick, saving you potentially costly repairs in future.

At Masonry Plus, brick repair starts with the identification of the problems, and then we come up with a solution. While some brickwork companies will call for complete overhauls just to cash in more, we provide you with the best advice and carry out repairs that won’t break your bank.

Brickwork Masonry Repair

The beauty of well-laid bricks is a sight to behold, and a timeless one at that. From the magnificence bricks add to spaces, to the beauty and a charming backdrop, you know that professional masonry contractors are the only way to restore those looks.

Our brickwork masonry repair services also include brick mortar repair. And while brick mortar repair might sound or seem easy, without the right tools and expertise, transforming disfigured bricks into charming works of art requires experience.

Beyond repairs, Masonry plus experts assess your bricks to ascertain the cause for damage and advice you accordingly. We start by examining the mortar and masonry units, to understanding the techniques used in the initial construction.

For instance, sometimes, bricks may look like they only need repointing. However, there are instances where repointing bricks lead to further structural damage, a fact that some masonry companies might not be aware of.

At other times, a bricklayer will only repair your brickwork with the materials they have, instead of using materials almost similar to the original work. But because we are aware of these seemingly small but significant omissions, our expert masonry professionals do a thorough analysis even before giving you an estimate.

At Masonry Plus, we pride ourselves in our focus on getting you the results you desire.



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