Concrete keeps your property looking clean and well kept. However, there are instances where the only way to keep the aesthetics in check is to carry out the repair and patch up the unsightly areas. And because concrete floors are not only durable but also multi-functional, they need to be looked after.

When your property surfaces call for concrete repair, you can always rely on Masonry Plus to get the job done. Once it starts cracking or lifting, it becomes an eyesore. Sometimes the initial application is to blame, but on others, it is normal wear and tear. Either way, when your concrete floors, patios, or driveways start to crack or wear out, they become a potential safety hazard.

Concrete repair can vary in range and include:

Driveway resurfacing


Crack repair

Concrete slab repair

Cement repair

Whichever concrete repair your home might need, in the long run, it will fix problems. These problems include higher repair costs if left unchecked and the repairs also curtail further damage. And other than patching up damaged or cracked concrete, you might need a complete overhaul.

Areas like unstable porches, bumpy or potholed driveways, and wobbly decks and patios are some that might not benefit from filler or crack repair. Instead, the safest option would be to resurface the whole areas. In the case of patios, you never know why they are unstable, and if the foundation is weak, then it would need vast repairs.

Want concrete repair done? Now is the time

Because cracks have different sizes and depths, you might be tempted to hold off repairs a while longer. The problem with this is that the longer you wait, the bigger the cracks develop, and with time, the more the repairs will cost.

Then again, if they are only starting to appear, you might want to give filler a chance and patch up the cracks. The question is how do you know when to do what and how it’s done?

If your slab is leaking, do you need crack filler or slab crack repair?

If the patio or foundation is unstable, do you need repair mortar or concrete floor repair for the whole property?

Only a professional can answer those questions. And at Masonry Plus, we just don’t answer them, we give you the solutions. Our transparency also allows us to give you a cost estimate, free of charge, even before you commit.

With one of our repair professionals, we are able to tell you the exact problem causing damage to your property.

These can be because the surface was over hydrated during concrete placement or inadequate steel reinforcement. Cracking and damage could as well be a result of weak soil substrate, the design of the mix, or even subpar grade preparation.

Concrete cracks or damage should, however, not be cause for concern. Most people assume these cracks or distortions are as a result of structural damage, or that the only solution is a replacement. While that might be true in some instances, a big number of cracks are only superficial.

Whichever the case is, Masonry Plus has the expertise, experience, and the equipment to get your concrete looking good as new.



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