Chimney Repair - A fireplace is a very inviting aspect of a house especially during the chilling winter season like that in Southwestern Ontario. However, it can also be very dangerous if regular maintenance and chimney repairs are not done. This is the key to keeping your family and guests warm and safe at the same time.

Importance of a Chimney

A chimney plays a huge part in drawing away smoke and gases out of your home. The dangerous emissions from the fireplace can be roots of illnesses and even death if inhaled in large amounts. Masonry plus is here to ensure proper care, rebuilding and chimney repairs.

Clean chimneys that are well maintained ensure that no dangers or house fires can occur. However, chimney problems are not easy to spot and that’s why one should have professionals come in regularly and do checks. Masonry plus has a team of professionals who can identify underlying problems and provide efficient and affordable chimney repairs.

Our Professionals look carefully at the structure, from brickwork to interior leaks. The earlier a problem is spotted the easier and less costly the solution. On the other hand, if your chimney requires extensive chimney repairs or even rebuilds, Masonry Plus will have it done in no time.

It is important to conduct frequent checks on the chimney opening for blocked conduits. This is a common problem in most homes where birds and other animals build nests in the openings. Chimney blockage can be very dangerous as trapped gases can find their way back into your house which poses a health hazard.

Another chimney repairs problem is build up within the chimney pipe. When woods and other solid substances are burnt they emit oils and gases. These may solidify and build up on the inside of the chimney walls. If not removed the build-up can ignite and cause chimney fires.

Additional chimney repairs concerns include cracks or holes in the chimney flue or chimney itself. An opening can cause discharge of the dangerous gases or heat into the home and this can also lead to a house fire.

When Do You Need A Masonry Professional?

Masonry plus has a team of licensed chimney repairs experts who will handle these and other chimney repair issues that might occur.

Whether it is chimney repairs or rebuilds our goal is to always keep you, your family and guests safe. If your chimney is damaged there are very high chances of a house fire. Cracking and popping sounds, thick smoke and intense heat are signs of a high chance of a fire outbreak.

Chimneys from outside can look just fine but big problems might be lurking on the inside.

There are several things that one should look out for a damaged chimney

  1. Cracked, decaying, or worn out mortar joints.
  2. Moisture on your chimney’s interior walls wears down the bricks and causes corrosion. This damages the flue tiles, which then affects heat regulation.
  3. Damage to the paint or wallpaper near the chimney is also a sign of moisture damage.
  4. Major chimney repairs will be necessary if you notice huge chunks of brick or mortar falling from your chimney.

Scheduled chimney checks ensure problems are detected early and thus easier to fix without requiring an overhaul of the entire chimney. However, if you find that your chimney has a major problem like leaning, this is a clear indication that rebuilding the chimney is inevitable.

The team at Masonry Plus can build your chimney from scratch or simply make the necessary repairs to ensure your chimney is operating safely.

Depending on how often you use your chimney, the regular check-ups can be more frequent. This helps keep the cost of chimney repairs down.

There is nothing as good as catching up around the fireplace with the entire family during winters with peace of mind. That is what you will get from us. Masonry plus ensures years of safe, worry-free service in chimney maintenance and repair.



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