Masonry Plus parging contractors are one of the best, if not the best, masonry contractors in Brantford. Since 2006, we have perfected our masonry skills and have some of the best masonry professionals around. And parging is one of those services where our skills set us apart.

What Is Parging?

In general, this process involves the application of a coating over a wall surface. This coating is mostly cement, and surfaces that are normally parged include foundations, basement walls, exterior walls and masonry chimneys.

The mortar used varies depending on the elements used in the concrete mix. The parging repair concrete mix ratio will vary depending on the application’s purpose, and a professional mason has the skills you need to make your structure stand out.

So what does parging foundation walls or parging basement walls cover? Foundation walls are the surfaces that need protection most. Although the improvement is only aesthetic, the cement coat protects the brick blocks used in construction from weather damage.

This is especially important in areas like Brantford where the freeze and thaw cycle can have a detrimental effect on masonry work. Instead of leaving the blocks bare, covering foundation walls is particularly important if you want your bricks to last longer.

It also gives surfaces a clean look and by applying a coat of paint with a latex base, you protect the brickwork underneath from weather damage. Coating basement walls also hide imperfections on the surface and get rid of formwork and marks.

If the weather in Brantford does not get you started on thinking about protecting foundation walls, maybe insulation will. Parging will also help protect your exterior insulation, from both impact and sunlight.

Parging repair

If you already have a parged foundation, basement, interior, or exterior walls, and you start noticing signs of wear and tear, you do not have to worry either. Masonry Plus has what it takes to get your structures looking fresh and clean again.

At Masonry Plus, we advise that you regularly inspect your parged surfaces. Immediately you notice the appearance of shallow cracks, seal them as soon as you can. Then again, you might not always have the time or the skills necessary to efficiently repair parging.

If you are looking for parging repairs in Brantford and its surroundings, you can call us for a free estimate even before you decide on having the job done.

As professionals, we will repair any cracks, minor or major, and patch up areas where the initial work has been entirely detached. Nicked corners should not be a problem either as we will repair those too.

Sounds easy right?

And it might be, but only to a professional mason. Sometimes, you might decide to give it a go, but there are reasons you should call Masonry Plus for your new or parging repairs.

The first reason is that our skilled masonry professional will advise on the approach you need for the repairs. Should the structure, for instance, a chimney, be completely rebuilt before parging again? Also, do you know how to prepare a surface for parging?

And even if you do, do you have the tools required for the job?

You should have conclusive answers for all the questions above before you or your masonry professional commences repairs. And rather than risk wasting your time and energy on repair work and then have the coat crumble on you faster than you can dial a mason, why not start by dialing us?

Let us do your job right the first time because it’s what we do. The skills required to parge smooth, long-lasting walls are refined over time. For your parged walls to ooze finesse, you need a skilled and practiced masonry professional who will work on your repairs with precision.

And Masonry Plus has the professionals you need!



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