This is a service that is essential to ensure the safety of the people living in a house. While most people forget to check on the integral structure of their chimney, it is one area that should be given regular attention.

Consistent chimney repair and maintenance will not only facilitate warm and cozy winter nights with family, it will ensure a healthy lifestyle. 

When a chimney is damaged, there are chances that smoke and poisonous carbon monoxide may find its way back into the house with the risk of rendering your whole family unconscious.

Not to mention the savings that comes with regular checks, repair, and maintenance. If not, then you might end up rebuilding your whole chimney or even the entire roof of your house when the chimney crumbles or caves in. You don’t want that do you?

Lastly, with a well maintained chimney, your house looks beautiful and the value increases. And everybody wants that for their investment.


Curb appeal is every home owners pride and joy. Reason being that it is the first area of your home all your guests and friends will come into contact with before they come into the house. And as the old adage goes, the first impression counts.

That said, the importance of brick repair, replacement, and maintenance is pertinent to keeping your home looking great. Brick repair would also include cleaning the bricks among other ways as a means of shielding your home from the weather and other elements.

And like all the other services, the only way your brickwork complements the rest of your home is if a professional handles it. At Masonry Plus, we make your brickwork mesh with your home and other structure seamlessly.

Customer satisfaction and long lasting professional jobs are our number one priority.

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Parging is a thin decorative coating that is applied to concrete or masonry. The process involves removing the old and worn out mortar coating and applying a special type of cement to create a fresh cover to protect bricks from the external elements.

Parging is a corrective measure for cracking and worn out walls. This hides surface imperfections, marks and the like. It acts like a block that keeps away moisture and can be applied to new and old walls. It is a low cost alternative to repointing.

Often, it is carried out on foundation blocks, interior basement walls, and even on the chimney to reduce wear and tear associated with freeze/thaw cycles such as those experienced in Brantford. It also creates a finish that you can paint to further beautify your home or protect your foundation building blocks.

For a long lasting finish, you need a professional parging expert else, your parged walls will crumble sooner rather than later.


Mortar has a relatively shorter lifespan as compared to brick. Mortar is affected by excess moisture and harsh weather conditions. Once mortar joints are damaged tuckpointing is a cost effective way of repairing the affected areas.

This entails removal of the damaged mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar. It is a crucial technique to lengthen the life of a chimney. It might sound simple, but it’s a bit more complicated than that and requires precision and finesse only a professional mason can provide.

The mortar used needs to match the originals color and strength for consistency and uniformity.

Tuckpointing is beneficial for the following reasons;

• Stop corrosion of mortar joints
• Restores chimney stability
• Blocks water from seeping in.
• Cost effective of conserving the chimney as opposed to rebuilding the chimney.


This involves repair of concrete structures on old or new construction. Footpaths, doorways, courtyards, and floors all require concrete works due to various reasons.

Initial leveling errors might cause concrete damage over time and may require repair eventually. Masonry Plus concrete repair services will help make your concrete look fresh and new again. If a surface is not repaired there is a high chance of more damage from things like water penetration.

Cracks on concrete are unattractive to the eyes and concrete work is meant to fix that. Structures such as bridges, walls, tunnels, and floors all require concrete works to restore their strength and durability as well as their initial beauty.

The resultant finish features improved aesthetics and reduce the chances of further water damage that would cost significantly more. Concrete repair work will as well improve the value of your property.

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