Brickwork gives your home or property a touch of character that not only looks beautiful but is also functional and improves the value of your home. However, over time, the mortar holding together your brickwork starts cracking and crumbling. This is when you need tuckpointing services most.

While wear and tear is normal with age, it should not be ignored. Just like your car needs servicing, your body needs nutrition and your brain needs nourishment, so does your brickwork. The damage in the mortar compromises the integrity of your brick structure and might be a safety hazard or affect your property value.

Enter Masonry Plus masonry contractors serving Brantford and its environs and failing brickwork is no longer a problem to give you sleepless nights. Whether it’s a chimney or fireplace, a retaining wall or a walkway, we step in to restore the beauty of your brickwork.

Repointing brick prevents water from seeping through and damaging your home. Otherwise, without brick pointing, you will either lose the functionality of your structure or end up paying more for replacing or rebuilding damaged structures.

The Basics of Tuckpointing

Brick tuckpointing involves repointing mortar where there is damage and filling it up with the appropriate pointing mortar. The damaged top mortar is first removed leaving the inner mortar intact. After preparation, filler mortar is used to correct the damage.

At Masonry Plus, we just don’t use any filler. We ensure our repointing mortar matches the original one used during the initial build. This ensures color consistency and strength retention. We then form even grooves throughout the repointed section to ensure uniformity.

The last step involves the application of a sealant after the mortar is dry. This repointing mortar sealant waterproofs the repair job to make it last even longer. The resulting natural look restores the bricks structure and strength.

Why Tuckpointing Brick Is Necessary

Whether you are tuckpointing a chimney or a walkway, the repointing cost will definitely be lower than what you would pay for fresh brick layering. The cost savings alone make it worthwhile. However, there are additional benefits.

When you get professional brick tuckpointing, the mortar joints will cease erosion, which in return gives you the confidence that your structure is safe and sound. Still, how do you tell if you need your brickwork repointed?

At Masonry Plus, we advise that you keep a lookout for any signs of structural damage.

The chimney, for instance, will lean when there is extensive damage. You may also see signs of smoke smear on unusual sections, which signify loose mortar.

These problems are as a result of negligence, lack of maintenance, or weather damage. When it comes to weather damage, the biggest culprit is water, as far as brick damage goes. Without tuckpointing, the water damage can spread to other parts of the house.

If your tuckpointing problem is due to mortar damage, sections of your brickwork will be under excess pressure. Moreover, the cracked area might harbour weeds, growing vines that would cause further damage.

Most importantly, regular brick maintenance alone is inefficient without tuckpointing. The weather also factors into the regularity with which tuckpointing brick is necessary. But not anyone or everyone has the capacity, expertise, and ability to carry out efficient brick pointing.

Whether your property is private or commercial, Masonry Plus’ superior workmanship will leave you awed. Regardless of the age of the brickwork, our professionals have the necessary skills to restore your structure.

We are passionate about brickwork and customer service and with affordable services, there is no reason why your brickwork should not look stunning again.



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