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Burlington ON - City Sign - Masonry PlusIf you find yourself in need for a mason, brick layer or masonry services in Burlington and the surrounding areas, Masonry Plus should be you go-to masonry services company. Masonry work is not only visually appealing but is made for durability and loved for its strength.

But even with its durability, you have definitely seen cracked concrete. It might be on your driveway, your house, or any other part of your property. Maybe your slab is damaged, or the beautiful brickwork on your chimney or house is crumbling. Or better yet, you might need some bricks repointed professionally.

At Masonry Plus, our Burlington masonry services cover a wide range of repairs and maintenance. And with our range of brick and masonry professionals, we are your one stop shop for masonry services in Burlington.

Since our establishment in 2006, we strive to use the best material and couple that with quality workmanship. The end result has always been delighted customers and superb final products.

How do you tell if you require masonry services? Simply do regular visual inspections of your masonry and concrete work. Water damage is especially common and should be a sign of your need for concrete or brickwork repair services.

If you are wondering what these visual cues are, take note:

  • Wet or damp patches on your walls (either interior or exterior).
  • If you notice your wall paper peeling, paint is blistering, or your ceiling is stained, you have water damage.
  • Do you have a masonry/brick chimney? Have you noticed white stains on the outside of the chimney? Are you in Brantford and the surrounding areas? Call Masonry Plus for concrete and brickwork repair and maintenance services.
  • Clearly, when bricks start crumbling and motor joints begin to crack, you need masonry repairs right?

Do you need other masonry services in Burlington?

Here are other services we offer:

Brickwork Services

Understanding brickwork is critical for brickwork repairs, installation and maintenance. Having served Burlington for over a decade and with a knack for brickwork, Masonry Plus offers you the experience and expertise to lay different kinds of brickwork and repair or maintain the same.

Our expert brick professionals understand brick laying concepts and techniques perfectly and leave you with a durable and appealing finish.


Concrete Services

Concrete work in Burlington is vulnerable because of the freezing temperatures in winter. The freeze and thaw cycles pose a threat to the well-being of concrete work, often resulting in crumbling, scaling, or cracking.

Additionally, for your concrete work to last longer, you need a company that is well versed in mixing the ingredients in the right proportions for ultimate durability. In Burlington, Masonry Plus is that company.


Parging Services

As a home owner, the last thing you want is to see your property value spiral down due to structural damage. And who doesn’t want to live in a clean looking home with smooth finishes that not only make it beautiful, but also prevent weather damage.

Masonry Plus parging services in Burlington will help keep your house value high and prevent damage. Normally, you need your basement interior walls and the exterior, above-ground basement walls parged.

Then you can forget rain and snow damage and only do minor repairs and maintenance when need be.


Tuckpointing Services

Masonry Plus’ Burlington tuckpointing services involve using an age old mortar repair technique that leaves your homes chimney or exterior bricks looking good as new.

While tuckpointing, we fill chipped and eroded gaps between the mortar and bricks to create fine joints between each brick. This improves the aesthetics of your structure.

Additionally, it prevents further damage by preventing moisture entrance into these joints, which can lead to weakness and eventual collapse.


Chimney Repair Services

Most home owners assume chimney’s only need flue inspection and maintenance to function as they should. If you are among them, you might be rudely shocked when the chimney collapses.

If you don’t already know it, your chimney bricks can also start chipping, flaking, or braking with time. When that happens, immediate chimney repairs will save you future costs that you would incur if you never inspect the structural integrity of your chimney.


At Masonry Plus we also cover repairs, concrete and brick decorations, fireplaces, stone porches, stone step repairs and builds, walkways, and restorations.

Do you need any custom work in Burlington or its surroundings? Do you value professionalism and quality? What about timely cost-effective services delivered to high standards and craftsmanship? If you do, then give us a call.

Forget trying out a wrong company. Call Masonry Plus today at (226)450-3692 and get a free estimate from a company that has successfully completed numerous masonry jobs with precision.



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